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Highlights of Our History
-30 Years of Proven Solutions-

The Shift from Consulting to Buying and Selling

In 2005, S.Crow Collateral Corp. changed roles, from that of a consultant to that of a dealer in capital assets. The change is a consequence of our having devised what is now our flagship transaction process, the "collateralized installment sale" transaction, or "C453" for short, in reference to Section 453 of the Internal Revenue Code.

As a dealer in capital assets, we no longer advise others what to do. Instead, we have found, as a principal, a transaction niche that is remarkably fertile and versatile. Indeed, we regularly find new ways in which, as a dealer in capital assets, we can solve otherwise-intractable problems for our counter-parties. This gives us a much freer hand than we had in our days as an adviser.